🎉 Recently, MIDA was honored and proud to receive the prestigious RCS certification by Control Union Certifications - the world's leading prestigious certification organization.


* RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certification is a voluntary, international standard that sets requirements for third parties. It is a chain of custody standard for tracking recycled raw materials through the supply chain
🌍 To achieve this achievement, MIDA has complied and gone through a strict control process from raw material input to production and business processes. Achieving both RCS certifications (RCS 100 & RCS Blend) has affirmed MIDA's strong commitment to using recycled materials, providing customers with high quality, environmentally friendly products. contributing to the development of circular economy and environmental protection


🌍 This is pride and a great motivation for MIDA to continue to develop in a sustainable direction. We want to spread the message about the importance of using recycled materials and join hands to protect a green - clean - beautiful environment for future generations.
♻️ Stay tuned as #MIDA continues its mission of contributing to a sustainable future through recycled products.