30/11/2016: MIDA was proud to be the only business in the mold industry was honoring National Brand "Vietnam Value in 2016"

MIDA was proud to be one of 88 businesses honored National Brand "Vietnam Value 2016" by the contribution in the process of social-economic development of the country.  Approved by the Prime Minister through Decision No.253/2003/QD-TTg dated 25 November 2003, the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade is assigned to coordinate with other ministries and agencies to implement the Program. This Program aims to: 
Develop the image of Vietnam as a country of strong reputation for rich diversity and high quality goods and services;
Enhance competitiveness of Vietnamese brands in domestic and international markets, encourage exports of processing industries and reduce exports of raw materials;
Raise brand awareness and recognition for Vietnamese products among distributors and consumers both domestically and internationally;
Establish the national image of Vietnam with the three core values of "Quality - Innovation - Leadership", strengthening the prestige, pride and appeal for the land and people of Vietnam, thus boosting tourism and attracting more foreign investment. "National Brand" is the lever for businesses in general and MIDA in particular continued efforts to innovate, improve quality and operational efficiency has played a pioneering role, is "the beginning train Vietnam's economy "in the market.